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Dawn Perret, Chairperson
Benson Bagwell
Damian Stevens
Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions
Home Improvement Request Form
Committee Authority - The committee shall have the sole discretion to determine whether plans and specifications submitted for approval are acceptable.  In connection with approval rights and to prevent excessive drainage of surface water run-off, the committee shall have the right to establish a maximum percentage of a lot which may be covered by buildings, structures, or other improvements, which standards shall be promulgated on the basis of topography, percolation rate of the soil, soil types and conditions, vegetation cover, and other environmental factors.  Following approval of any plans and specifications by the committee, representatives of the committee shall have the right during reasonable hours to enter upon and inspect any lot to verify whether or not the plans and specifications therefor have been approved and are being complied with.  In the event that the committee shall determine that such plans and specifications have not been approved or are not being complied with, the committee may cause the removal or correction of any work in place which does not comply with approved plans and specifications without the necessity of showing irreparable harm or injury and without the necessity of posting any bond.  Such work shall be performed at the lot owner's expense.  Upon approval of plans and specifications, no further approval shall be required with respect thereto, unless such construction has not substantially commenced within six (6) months of the approval of such plans and specifications (e.g., clearing and grading, pouring of footings, etc.) or unless such plans and specifications are materially altered or changed.  Refusal of approval of plans and specifications may be based by the committee upon any ground that is consistent with the object and purposes of the restrictions.

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