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Dawn Perret, Chairperson
Benson Bagwell
Damian Stevens
Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions
Home Improvement Request Form
Arbitration - In the event of a dispute between the owner of a lot and the committee concerning whether a proposed construction, repair, or remodeling should be approved under the restrictions or the laws of Louisiana, such dispute shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, except to the extent modified herein, and judgment upon the award or enforcing the decisions rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction to render such a judgment.

Upon disapproval by the committee of any properly submitted plans or proposal, the owner shall have ten (10) days to demand arbitration or the decision of the committee will be final.  If the owner timely demands arbitration, he or she shall name and appoint one member of the arbitration panel within ten (10) days of receipt of demand to appoint.  Upon failure of the owner to appoint an arbitrator, the right to arbitrate shall be deemed waived and the decision of the committee will be final.  Upon the committee's receipt of written notification of the timely appointment of an arbitrator by the owner, the committee shall have twenty-one (21) days to appoint an arbitrator.  Upon failure of the committee to timely appoint an arbitrator, the owner shall request the president of the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors, Inc. or the president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge to appoint an arbitrator for the committee.  The two arbitrators chosen shall, within ten (10) days of the last of their appointments, choose a third arbitrator who shall be a licensed architect.  Arbitrators shall be entitled to a reasonable fee for time of service and associated expenses and such fees, expenses, and other costs are to be assessed by the arbitrators.  Each party shall pay the fees and expenses of the arbitrator appointed by that party and shall divide equally the fees and expenses of the third arbitrator.

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